Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Joshua's Party and Stephanie's Baby Shower

Brandon and Goldie came into town for Joshua's birthday party and Stephanie's baby shower

Chelsey, Stephie's best friend gave her a baby shower!

Lots of family and friends came to celebrate!

We played a lot of fun games

And ate wonderful treats from Chelsey's own Grandma Meme. They were delicious.
Thank you Meme!!!!!!

We decorated onesies. They turned out really, really cute. Katie made three that were exceptionally cute!

Chelsey gave a great party. We all love her and thank her very much. It was a LOT of fun!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Video of the whales at SeaWorld

Watch this clip and see what happens to me!

That's my lap in the end.........lol

In San Diego

That's Bonnie and Clyde's Car they were gunned down in. TJ really was interested

We visited the Air and Space Museum while Rick was at his hearing.
This is the beach at La Jolla - beautiful

The San Diego Temple was beautiful. It was so tall and elegant!
We visited Sea World and saw Shamu as well as the others

The Dolphins were my favorite. This one stopped and visited with me for a while.

The Zoo was fascinating.

From the Tram you can see the lush, green ground that covers the Zoo.
TJ liked the beach that set right outside our hotel room. He wasn't quite sure of the "Polar Bear" but since Mom would get her picture he conceeded

We had a really fun trip to San Diego. I've always wanted to go and we're all glad we did.

Our Family

Rick and Beckie ( a.k.a. Grandpa and Grandma T.J.)
Alisha, Zack, Katie, Taylor, William and Joshua ( Expecting a little boy in March Grandbaby #11) Alisha and Zack finally were able to buy a home this year. They stuck to their plans and remained conservative with their expences hoping to find that right home that was perfect for their not so little family.
I have to give it to them. When I was stuggling to support their frugel and limited, self-imposed budget, I admit I tried to get them to increase their budget so more houses were available - afterall they qualified - according to the mortgage company. But they hung in there, stuck to their guns no matter what and found exactly what they were looking for.
They've done a lot of fix up the home and obviously each step has made it more their own. They are so wise and valiant in so many ways they have become my teacher time and time again.
They're daughter Katelyn (Katie), if it's possible, gets prettier and prettier every day. She is a very smart 7 year old who is a wonderful big sister to her four little brothers.
Taylor started Kindergarten and does very well. He has become quite the University of Utah supporter and is even willing to butt up against his loyal BYU fan, Grandpa. I think they both respect each other's choice. Right now you have to keep Zack's kindergarten picture away from Taylor's kindergarten picture as they are so similar you may mix them up.
William is still all smiles. His mom would say mischievous smiles but he IS three. He LOVES dinosaurs. When they found this house the previous owners had painted a 3 foot dinosaur (comical in design) on the biggest bedroom's wall. They had also painted Sponge Bob Square Pants and Patrick, his starfish buddy, in the downstairs bathroom. It was perfect for the boys. Alisha used her artistic talent and continue the style of the dinosaur bedroom wall and now there is a whole herd of dinosaurs surrounding the bedroom. They're in purple and blue and yellow and green and pink and all the colors, two to 6 or 7 foot tall, One is laying in a hammock strewn between to palm trees another is crushing and smaller one under foot, another is eating part of the palm tree. She did such a wonderful job any little boy would want that room for himself. I told her to post them on HGTV.com/Rate My Space. Alisha is so talented.
Joshua is our little buddy. He is absolutely adorable. He's learning to talk and hangs out with his big brother William all of the time. He's still not too shy for hugs for grandma. He seems to be his mommy's little shadow but is learning an independent attitude along the way. Right now he loves everything that William doesn't take away from him. Everyone loves it when he comes in the room and shows us his new smile, toy or sentence. He is adorable.
Alisha is soon expecting her fifth. We were thinking that maybe it was a girl - especially Katie - but we're very thankful that it seems to be a healthy little boy. Alsiha and Zack are very okay with that as boys aren't quite as emotional as girls and it seems Alisha does well at keeping up with their constant activity. She also keeps herself busy fixing up her home alongside Zack, working in the Cub program and being an activities worker for the young girls. She's very busy.
Zack is a teacher at PineView High School and plans on doing that for the long haul. He teaches computer programing and also holds a second job working for a very predominate internet company in town making web pages. Right up his alley. Joshua - before he learned to say "Zach-a-ri-a" would say "bye Geek" when he left for work. We all thought that was adorable - as well as Zack. He was also called as a second counselor in the bishopric. None of us were surprised but he was.

Brandon, Goldie, Denton and Julia ( Expecting a baby in July Grandbaby #13)
Brandon is finished with classroom in Medical School. He is on rotations now and has really enjoyed each experience working beside an experienced doctor in different fields. It seems his favorite so far is Orthopedic Surgery as he was able to replace hips and knees and loved the physics of it. He was the Sunbeam teacher for quite a while but now he's been given the scouts and I know he'll do well. This part of his schooling, of coarse, is much more enjoyable and fulfilling. Soon they will be on their way to do his internship. We're hoping it will still be close.
Goldie is such a wonderful support. We admire her dedication and patients with her little family. We've sort of been their before and are in awe at how well she keeps the family machine going and supports Brandon in this endeavor. They are a wonderful team. She spend her time serving as secretary in the RS presidency and taking very good care of their too children Denton and Julia. Denton just turned five and is growing like a weed. He is an independent character who loves to learn. He knows some sign language and still uses it quite often - just because. If we would all do that, this would be great progress in communication. He is quite smart and loves to learn and he's quite the diplomat as he is very good at greeting people with polite conversation. Almost a man ahead of his years.
Julia is growing as well. She is becoming such a sweet, cute girly girl that it's so fun to watch her. She has decided completely on her own that it's time to potty train. Ready or not Mommy I'm doing it. She adores her Grandpa Bonewell and will lay and hold him when she won't hold anyone else. Grandma's finally gotten a couple hugs as well. Her giggle is infectious.
Part of our Christmas present this year was the announcement that Goldie is expecting in July. We are so excited!

Jennifer, Cameron, Braxton, Awsten and Hailey
Jennifer and Cameron are still in Salt Lake. We miss them very much and look forward to having them visit almost once a month. I don't know if we could stand it if they didn't come see us.
Braxton started Kindergarten and has become quite the reader. It's quite sobering to know he stands in line every morning and that little guy gets on the bus and goes off to school - all by himself. It doesn't seem like he's old enough. He's a little on the quiet side or just loves to hang out with his Uncle TJ so we don't get to see him much while he visits. He loves his Uncle TJ. In fact, Braxton's the one that labeled us Grandma and Grandpa TJ. We love it!
Awsten is four and very smart. He is still quite built and strong and he's always trying out new tricks. He has missed his brother while Braxton goes to school but is quite close to Hailey and makes sure he is the only one fighting with her. He's very protective of her. He is more and more like his daddy full of energy and fun. Although quiet we love having him come see us and really miss his quiet little ways while he's gone.
Hailey is the life of the family. She turned three New Years Eve and keeps everyone on their toes. She loves pink and anything frilly, lacy and puffy. She obsesses about her baby dolls and loves to change her clothes several times a day. Jennifer calls me frequently with new little "Hailey Stories" about little things she does that are adorable and we laugh for days. The last one was about Jennifer hurting herself stabbing her hand with a staple. When she was on the floor obviously in pain and trying to get it to stop, Hailey runs to her and starts unbuttoning Jennifer's blouse. Jennifer stops her asking what are you doing. She was just trying to get mom to not hurt and be comfortable - afterall Hailey loves to change her clothes so we think she was trying to just make mommy comfortable. It did help to stop the pain as Jennifer was laughing like crazy.
Jennifer keeps very busy with her family and Primerica. She loves the company as it gives her opportunity to help others with some financial problems and she gets to meet new people all of the time. She is also busy teaching the 9 year olds in Primary with Cameron. As you can imagine they are perfect for the calling and absolutely love it.
Cameron now works for Pepsi. It's a great fit as he gets to be constantly moving and meeting new people. But his heart is working with Primerica as well. They are definitely people people (if that makes sense) and their time is spent working and meeting new ones all of the time. We don't get to see him as much as he is always working. He's a hard worker and loves his family. His kids completely light up (and wind up) when he comes into the room.

Brian, Kelsey and Oakley
Brian and Kelsey live here in the St. George area with their adorable little boy, Oakley. He's walking and learning to talk (he loves to Jabber and I think he really is saying something - we just can't quite make it out) and is quite the character. He is such a good baby. Kelsey had knee surgery so I was able to help take care of Oakley on occassion and that was great. Brian works for a product shipping company Monday thru Friday. Goes to work early and gets off early so he's able to attend school in the evening. His goal is to become a Physician's Assistant. It seems perfect for him. It's a hard thing to do but Kelsey is right in there supporting him and helping him along the way. They are both hard workers and they absolutely adore their little boy. - And it shows.

Tim and Steph ( Expecting a baby boy in April Grandbaby #12)
Stephanie and Tim got married and moved to Salt Lake this year, too. The wedding was a lot of fun (and work) and everyone enjoyed it. Although they were planning to wait, they ended up pregnant and are due with their little Jaerick Timothy (a combination of Jae - Tim's dad and Rick) in April. She gets pretty sick quite frequently and even though the occurrence has died down now when it does happen it pretty much knocks her off her feet. Tim is working for a mail sorting company making pretty good money and also carries a second job with Wendy's. Thank goodness he is a saver and worker and is working hard to keep Stephanie's habits under control. She loves having someone to keep her in check. He plans to start training as an EMT then Paramedic this next year. We're all excited for him.

TJ is doing wonderful. He advanced two grade levels this year catching up to his grade - so he's on target. It's been a long haul and he's worked very hard to get here. He has proven to be quite smart and very very eagar to learn. He still loves his video games and once he conquers it he's on to a new one - but of coarse he has to work for it. He loves all of his nieces and nephews and isn't very happy they're not hear every day! He's learning a little more of the piano - self taught with a little assistance from Mom - and he's very good at creating quite good new songs as well. He enjoys hearing a theme song from some movie and sitting at the piano and figuring out how to play it. It's quite remarkable. We are looking for a good piano teacher that will work with his creative abilities as well as teach him the fundamentals of piano playing. Rick bought him a drum set at a fundraiser and he spends a little time trying to master that as well. In between army men battles, playstation conquers and school he manages to fit in as much music as possible.